RVS muurbevestiging voor Cosmos 32 “, 40”, 50 “60”, 75 “

419.00 Inclusief. BTW.

  • With solid constructed wall mounts, you can easily mount Cosmos against the wall.
  • The 2″ stainless steel tubes will keep your TV in place, even with strong winds and heavy rains.
  • For more detailed information about Cosmos mounts, please click here (PDF).
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Also compatible with other TV’s. (Select VESA when ordering). Standard distance between TV and the wall is 8″ / 20 cm.

The distance between the wall and the side of the TV is 8″ and can be customized on request.

Included is the H shaped bracket on the back of the Cosmos.

Cables go inside the tubes and you have different options available on how to let the cables go out of the tubes.

Optional: Waterproof HDMI and Power connector set